6 Key Accessories For Fall

If you know me, you’ll know that my favorite season ever is fall. Not only because of the festivities that take place during this time, but my wardrobe literally does a 180 and it’s a lot more exciting visually. I’ve learned that accessories make or break an outfit. I’ve heard the ‘less is more’ spiel as well – which is true in some cases. Some key accessories you’ll want this season are statement necklaces, statement earrings and/or rings, cross body bags, belts, scarves and sunnies. It’s a lot more fun when you can add on all of the accessories to your look when

the air turns cool and crisp. Trust me on this, chunkier statement accessories are what will punctuate your outfit; it’s what will turn heads and strike up conversation. Here are some I’m loving right now! Most of these items are easily found on Amazon.com.

1. The baker boy hat

2. Long skinny scarves

3. Sunnies (DUH)

4. Statement Jewelry

5. Bucket bags/crossbody’s

6. Statement belts


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