A-List Bags For Spring

I have been so obsessed with bags lately that I wanted to share some of my favorites for the season!

Your bag can really make or break your outfit, and depending on your lifestyle, these are some ones that I’ve found go with almost anything you put together. The more I see them the more I fall in love.

Basket Bags

They’ve been around for so long, but have been really making a comeback these last couple seasons. They’re perfect for that light and airy outfit! I love that there are more shapes and styles being made, so they don’t just look like your ordinary basket sitting around at home full of magazines + other junk. They’re great pieces from day to night.

Bucket Bags

Check out this mesh detailing. I can’t get enough of it! Held together with two perfect straps, you’ll be sure to make a statement with this one! I’ve been seeing these a lot with minimal outfits and no makeup at markets, shopping centers and cafés. This one is definitely on my next-to-get list! Such an eye catcher.

Bamboo Arc Bag

It didn’t take me long to completely fall in love with this bag. People stopped me asking where I got it and I mean c’mon look at it – it’s gorgeous and just screams spring/summer. It’s the statement you want to make this season with a perfectly hand held bag like this! Goes well with those go-to breezy dresses and flowy beach pants we all love on vacation. You need this handbag!

Circle Bags

These have been around as long as basket bags, but again they continue to make their comeback and release new designs, colors and textures. It’s crazy how shapes revert back to art that make up fashion and seasonal wardrobe pieces. Circle bags are definitely that piece for spring. It’s transitional depending on the material, which there are a wide variety and they’re easy/simple enough to go with just about anything in your closet.

My favorites are the leather and the straw! I got so many compliments on this bag. If I’m not carrying around the bamboo bag, it’s my circle straw bag!

All of the above are great options to turn your spring outfit into something better by just adding that amazing bag. These trendy bags are becoming a season staple, so if you’re not into them now – that’s ok, they’ll be around for seasons to come.

#Happy Spring




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