I love a good cultural experience and Mexico is the perfect cultural destination with inexpensive flights, luxurious resorts and adventurous activities- just a few reasons to visit the sun soaked coast of Mexico!

Recently my husband and I took a trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico with another couple, our close friends. We flew out of LAX on a Friday morning making the duration of the flight only 2.5 hours, which is amazing, no jet lag! We stayed at an all inclusive resort, the Marquis Los Cabos Resort & Spa. The best part of this resort is not just the all- inclusiveness, but that it’s an adults only resort and the staff treats you like royalty and everyone is so warm and welcoming. This resort sits at the tip of the Baja Peninsula with the most amazing views. We enjoyed our stay in one of the junior suite oceanview rooms and it was perfect and so dreamy. Timeshares are also very popular here!

Coffee and Mexican sweet bread were delivered to our room every morning through our cubby hole which made our mornings so nice, because we’d wake up slow, have our coffee and pastries and enjoy the ocean view from our balcony, following a buffet style breakfast with endless mimosas in the outdoor dining area. This resorts architecture reminded me a lot of Santorini, Greece. Crisp white adobe foundation and an abundance of sunshine. The sun is HOT, so sunscreen is a must – even if you claim to not burn just be careful.

Because every place cannot be PERFECT, the only thing I can say that didn’t go our way was upon arrival, you give your luggage to the host at the reception and then they deliver it to your room later. I don’t really know why they do this, but I’m assuming it’s for security reasons. Later could mean anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours. We waited about 2 hours for our luggage, but we were so preoccupied with our rooms view and everything the resort had to off that we didn’t even care when we got our luggage (as long as we’d get it eventually.) Again, if there was one “bad” thing that took place this would be it hahaha.

Other things to know: While there are many places in Mexico that are unsafe for travel, popular travel destinations like Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun remain fun and friendly destinations. You will most likely see an iguana or two. No, they’re not dinosaurs. They will not eat you.

Most of the time we enjoyed cocktails by the infinity pools or on the beach by day and sunset dinners by night. Our goal for the vacation was to get a little R&R and enjoy each other’s company. After all, we all need a little R&R and some delicious, authentic food.

There’s so many fun activities and vibrant nightlight in Cabo. A vacation here can be anything you make of it! Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive resort getaway, a fun-filled nightlife experience, or all of the above, Cabo has it all! One of the things we did was ride horses on the beach. I kid you not I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do this. Another thing crossed off my bucket list was riding a dang horse on the beach haha, it may sound silly to some, but I use to ride horses as a child and it meant a lot to relive that memory. I rode this beautiful white horse along the beach during golden hour and I loved it. We did a 30 minute session at the rate of $50/person. At the end of the session, our guide didn’t care for a cash tip, but instead a cold coca-cola and peanut butter m&ms, so that’s exactly what we gave him.


There is also world class golfing, sport fishing, ATV tours, Sea-Doo rentals, surfing, and parasailing to name a few! You can organize trips and activities online, at your hotel or contact a tour company on the beach. You can easily score a package that includes parasailing, a catamaran trip with snorkeling and an ATV tour that takes you to a beautiful private beach.

Quick sappy moment time: I just want to say a special thank you to my Instagram followers and blog readers – your sweet comments and interest in my travel posts gets me so excited to continue sharing my future adventures! I appreciate you so much for following along – it means so much!

A big thank you to Marquis Los Cabos Resort & Spa for hosting our stay! It was truly one for the books.


xx, Lex


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