Capture Your Style In 7 Steps

This is for literally anyone who loves fashion, just likes fashion, and/or who has no idea how to coordinate an outfit. We’ve all been there! It can take years and years to truly capture your personal style. Your personal style is yours, it’s what defines you and it goes deeper than just fashion, but rather the type of person you are; your likes, dislikes and how you portray yourself. I am here to guide you on how you can find your personal style step- by-step.

1. Figure out the pieces that you feel like the best version of yourself in. In other words, find those garments that you know you love and you always look good in no matter what aka your go-to’s. You know you love it and you know it works every single time. For me, it’s high waisted denim, a t-shirt and a longline knit cardigan. I can walk in my closet and throw that on knowing that I am comfortable and stylish. When you wear the clothing you feel most confident and comfortable in, you are unstoppable. When you wear things that are uncomfortable or just not you, it shows in your demeanor, expressions and overall attitude. Save yourself from those situations now.

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2. Know what looks good on your body type. If you know it’s not going to fit right, or make you feel uncomfortable, just stay away. Do not try anything on, or try and make yourself buy something that you wouldn’t feel yourself in just because you think others will like seeing it (which brings me to 3.) It’s not worth it and chances are you’ll never wear it again so just don’t even go there. For me, I hate anything that is skin tight. I know I don’t look good or feel comfortable in anything sleeveless, or anything skin tight so I simply don’t buy them/ have them in my wardrobe. Same with shorts, I don’t feel comfortable in shorts, so I won’t wear them/buy them.

3. Stop worrying about the opinion of others. You are the one wearing these things, not other people. No one else’s opinion matters at this point because it is about how you feel within (same concept as don’t take advice from someone who won’t live with the consequence). You feeling uncomfortable and not yourself is the consequence you live with by pleasing others, which brings me to 4.

4. Define what is YOU. What styles speak to you? Finding a word to define your style is so helpful. There are so many terms, but here are just a few to give you an idea when you’re seeking outfit inspiration: Are you:


















Defining your style can be challenging, but if you can easily pinpoint a couple of words above – you’re on the right track.

5. Define your lifestyle. Really think about this and ponder what you do day to day and on weekends. Defining your lifestyle is creating the frame of your wardrobe/style. If what you’re doing on a day-to-day basis doesn’t reflect how you would like to dress, or the person you want to be just tweak your outfit choices a little and put in a tad more effort to get that look you imagine, but also be realistic.

6. Define your favorite colors. Now your favorite colors and your clothing favorite colors could be totally different which is fine. I love the color blue and the color pink, but my wardrobe doesn’t reflect that much at all. My favorite colors of clothing are neutrals. Black, gray, nude, camel, blush, beige, tan…etc. Every so often I have my pops of color, but for the most part I like to stick to earth tones because I know I feel comfortable in them and can create lots of different looks by mixing and matching. After deciding your favorite clothing colors, decide if you like patterns or solids. Do you like stripes, florals, dots, plaid, gingham, etc.? The great thing about capturing your style is that it is totally up to YOU.

7. Once you have captured your personal style, stay true to it and to YOURSELF. Don’t buy something just because you’re seeing it all over social media and you think your wardrobe will be completed if you just get that piece you keep seeing, because trust me there is always going to be something newer and trendier every other week, and who really wants to keep up with that and have an overconsumption of clothing? Your best bet is if you see something you’re loving on social media, streets or style blogs, just recreate those looks with pieces you already own. To me a trend is like a craving; they come and they go. My food cravings last between 3 and 5 minutes and I can curb them just by simply doing something productive. Same with trends. I see something I love on social media and I instantly see what I have in my wardrobe to recreate what I saw. It’s pretty simple; you’re not accumulating and you’re not spending, wah-lah! It’s a win-win.

I hope this helped you capture your personal style and inspired you to get creative. love who you are and love what you wear! most importantly- stay true to yourself.

Xx, Lex


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