Creative Fall Layering

Addition and Subtraction, simple math right? This applies to our wardrobe as well! Layers are very important for cold temperatures. Here are some ways I absolutely LOVE to layer pieces.

This one in particular, I took my summer jumpsuit and layered my ivory turtleneck underneath and then wait, there’s more. I completed my look with this black and red scarf to add a pop of color to complement the 2 pieces and I’m done. I call this the rule of 3. Start with 1 base piece and add to it. 3 layers is good enough, for me at least. If it doesn’t work, subtract it.

(Don’t mind the wrinkles, I had no time to steam LOL)

This entire outfit is from Old Navy under $100.


Never in a million years would I even think to put this combo together, but it totally works here, you just have to play! (I say play a lot but you know what I mean… just experiment, it’s fun!) Tanks over blouses, Tanks over tees, Tees over tees, ok, you get it. Under or over, add or subtract – it’s that simple.

Some things to keep in mind:

Proportions, if something looks off about how you layered something under or over, it most likely is off.

Don’t be afraid to layer 2 jackets or two sweaters. I call it the rule of 3 for a reason, or 2 if you wish. There are so many fun and creative ways to layer your clothing this season. Post an IG photo of yourself and tag #HowILayerLexformation for your chance to win a free gift from me 🙂


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