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Do you struggle finding the perfect casual outfit? Are you torn between too casual and too dressy? Well, i’m here to help you find your happy medium! And yes indeed you HAVE SOMETHING TO WEAR! Here are some casual every day looks that I love and casual staples I recommend to complete your day to day look!

-Cardigans & dusters: – basic, statement, texturized

-Tops with interesting detailing: knots, ties, slits, cutouts, ruffles -Just because it’s a blouse, doesn’t mean its dressy.

-Silk tanks

-Denim: black, gray, blue; distressed, patchwork, cropped, uneven hems, frills/fringe

-Tee shirts: band, tattered, cropped, oversized

-Layering: Tanks over t-shirts, jackets over dresses and/or tees, vests, blazers over tees, lightweight pullovers and sweaters, layering jewelry over a basic t-shirt.

The possibilities are endless! But it doesn’t stop at your wardrobe. Complete your look with a polished makeup look and hairstyle to fulfill your casual, yet put together appearance.


Free People



Tj Maxx



Nordstrom Rack

I am not telling you to go out and spend a bunch of money on new clothes, I am encouraging you to go through your closet at home and pull out all of your favorite pieces and experiment with them. Maybe the white t shirt you always wear with the blue denim would look just as great with black denim, culottes, a skirt or with statement earrings, or maybe layer a leather jacket over it or perhaps a front tuck or knot. I promise you, it’s not that you have nothing to wear because you most certainly do, you just need to really look at your closet and mix and match different pieces together and create new and revived looks from what you already have. Remember, you don’t have to repeat outfits, but you can and you should repeat pieces, especially classics!


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