Game Day Ready Pt. 2

YAY it’s here! Football season is officially in full swing and game day attire can get a little tricky when it comes to a complete outfit and how to achieve a polished and put together look. Trust me, people are paying attention. You don’t want to appear too basic and boring, but certainly not over dressed. This goes for everyone, not just girlfriends/fiancé’s/wives of players, coaches wives, fans, etc. These are looks that anyone can achieve if you care to put in the effort to your game day look. If you are someone that doesn’t necessarily care about your outfit on game day, this post isn’t for you.

I realize game day attire is different for everyone and viewed differently in high school, college and professional and also depends on where you are from. For instance, you might be from the south where it is known to wear dresses, big statement necklaces and bows tied in your hair. In college, I didn’t experience that because I’m from the North, the Midwest, where we would wear shorts, t-shirts, jerseys and when the weather would break, it was leggings, hoodies and boots. If you know you’re going to be traveling for games where the weather is cold, the jackets pictured below are great!


To reiterate the above, I specifically dress for NFL games, The Baltimore Ravens, so all of my gear is related to Ravens, but yours will be different depending on your team. Just search your team or customize it to yours. I obviously love fashion, so I care to be creative with my outfits and put in a little extra effort, not only for self satisfaction, but to represent my husband well.

One thing I enjoy doing is searching for clothing companies that customize their work upon request and ordering my team attire that way other than just purchasing from your typical NFL/collegiate shop. Etsy is my favorite, but make sure you order weeks in advance so you’re not last minute scrambling for an outfit. Etsy is where I found this t-shirt. The shop is called ‘SHOPONEVINTAGE’ and they offer a variety of teams! It’s an old t-shirt that this apparel company designed by cropping it and inserting a zipper. It’s super fun and chic and you can style this so many ways. Click here to get yours!

Here are some other sites that are my go-to for customizing my game day tops:

Instagram has been a huge way for me to find clothing companies and entrepreneurs to design my shirts and other apparel. Here are some of my favorite accounts that I have gotten personalized merchandise from:

@customblinginc, @angel.icaaa_, @shining_soles, @shopallthingscali

I would say these are my game day staples! I try not to go too crazy on team gear just because with these pieces I can mix and match and create new outfits for every game. I try and get creative too if I don’t want to spend a ton of money on gear! I naturally love to thrift, it is one of my favorite hobbies and I have a keen eye for vintage, so I love to find old Ravens t-shirts and create something of my own from them. I cut them, tatter them, iron on patches, etc. It’s fun for me and I get more compliments on the things I make and customize myself rather than something I just bought online.


Shoes – You can never go wrong with any of these options. They’re not only on trend, but they are trend-less and go with everything! Click each image to shop.

Bottoms – I absolutely love high waisted denim – they suck you in, they’re great for a front tuck, you can pretty much pair any top with them and they look great with sneakers or boots when the weather breaks. The first pair, the black skinny Jamie jean from Topshop are my absolute favorite pair of jeans. They’re jet black, stretch and overall they  fit in all the right places – I need about 5 more pairs I love them that much! In addition, these stretchy leather leggings from the brand Spanx are my absolute fav! I scored them on sale from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and they go with just about any top or tunic. Wide leg cropped jeans are always a great way to elevate your look paired with some booties or sneakers! You don’t see shorts in this post because I don’t wear shorts; however, come cut off  denim shorts are perfect for the game day rotation too!

Accessories – These are all great pieces to complete your game day outfit. The dainty gold hoops are my go to from BaubleBar (click the word baublebar to shop) because they look great with anything and you can shop these exact ones and get a discount using my code ‘LEXLATELY’ at checkout for the rest of August. Just click the link and you’re good to go! Every NFL stadium and most college stadiums enforce their “transparent bags only” rule if you’re going to want to bring your purse. Nothing else is acceptable unless it is a wallet or change purse. They require a clear bag to make the security process easier. Luckily there a lot of fashionable options on

Lastly, a company called Fan Chest reached out to me a couple months ago and sent me my own fan chest, of course being Baltimore Ravens. They filled it with a ton of goodies such as t-shirts, koozies, blanket, a flag, stickers, coin cards, discount flyers, magnets and more! It was so nice and got me so excited for the season. Here is the link to the site and these Fan Chests are perfect for gift giving, or for yourself! There are different versions of the chest all at different price points.

Again, these are my personal game day looks, yours can be completely different. This is just a starting point that you can build from! Don’t be afraid to accessorize. After all, you want to be comfortable so try not to overthink it.

Everything is linked, but depending on your team, you will have to either get creative or do some research.

Happy Football SZN, can’t wait to see some of your looks! Feel free to share with me or tag me in your game day outfits! I love seeing what you guys create utilizing me and my ideas as your inspo!


I hope you are now game day ready with me!




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