Game Day Ready

Football season is officially in full swing and game day attire can get a little tricky when it comes to a complete outfit and how to achieve a polished and put together look. Trust me, people pay attention, they notice your outfit. It’s the first thing people see. You don’t want to appear too basic and boring, but certainly not over dressed. Here are some of my favorite things to spice up my game day look. One thing I enjoy doing is searching for clothing companies that customize their work upon request and ordering my team attire that way other than just purchasing from your typical NFL/collegiate shop. Etsy is my favorite, but make sure you order weeks in advance so you’re not last minute scrambling for a last minute outfit. I would say these are my game day staples! I try not to go too crazy on team gear just because with these pieces I can mix and match and create new outfits for every game. It’s a lot to work with and you’ll still look stylish and put together. I absolutely love high waisted denim – they suck you in, they’re great for a front tuck, you can pretty much pair any top with them and they look great with sneakers or boots when the weather breaks. I hope this helps! Don’t be afraid to accessorize either and sport your school colors and/or team. After all, you want to be comfortable so try not to overthink it. 😉

Xx, Lex


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