How I Get Inspired

There are many ways I get outfit inspiration other than the explore page on Instagram and Pinterest. The fastest way for me to gain inspiration is going out! Not like going out to night clubs and bars, but like going out of the house during the day and walking around perhaps a shopping center, a museum, an antique shop, or anywhere that has people, art, architecture, music, food, etc. I enjoy going places or doing things that evoke feelings and positivity. I love going to local cafe’s and coffee shops and blogging, creating digital vision boards, people watching ,etc. I see and do things that inspire me to create an outfit – which could be anything I am feeling at the moment (read my post on how to capture your personal style).

My clothing racks also inspire me. My fashion rack is perfect for what I call my "dysfunctional outside closet" because I am able to decide what goes on it. For example, I like to choose pieces that speak to me and that tell a story if I were to stand back and look at it. It is completely from my actual, functional closet. It relates to the art of visual merchandising and I arrange them in a way that I am inspired and that makes sense to me when I am looking to create a look. I go for things on my rack that I am drawn to – whether it’s a color, a print, or symbol. As I write this post, I am looking at my fashion rack right now and some of the pieces I have on it are chunky, texturized sweaters because it’s cold where I am, and I love textures/I am inspired by them from what I see when I am out. I see a lot of black on my rack because it’s slimming and I feel unstoppable in black especially when I am trying to conceal my winter layers (LOL). Also, I have some graphic tees with either the name of a city or an image of the city itself to indicate that I am inspired by large cities. I use to live in Los Angeles, so I have a t-shirt that says LA on it. Lastly, I have some fringe pieces on my rack because I am inspired by bohemian gypsies and western vibes along with Anthropologie home decor, which has a lot of textures and fun frills and fringe. Garment racks are super affordable and help to piece looks together. I ordered my racks from Amazon Prime and I am perfectly fine with the quality of them, it does the job and they’re easy to assemble and move around.

Vision boards are my other go-to way to get inspired. This one I made when I was attending FIDM featuring some home product and decor pieces I am most passionate about, also featured on my Instagram feed. Mood boards allow you to be creative and get all of your ideas flowing on a board that you can always reference when you’re seeking inspo. (Not just pinterest!) You can actually get crafty and make one or a few of these yourself. Get some friends together and have a vision board craft night. It’s super fun, motivating and productive. Get some magazines and start cutting, collaging or print images via the web of your favorite style icons, places, food, colors, textures, etc. Mood/vision boards also help you to dress the part. When you have all of these things on a visually appealing board that inspires you, you’ll be more likely to dress like you are there already. Dressing the part is soooo important in the process of chasing your dreams.

All in all, these are contributing elements in how I get inspired. I hope you found some inspiration within this post, and I’m excited to hear your feedback (:

Xx, Lex


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