How To Look Put Together When You’re Lazy & Broke

I think we all have struggled with this once or twice. We want to look like a million bucks, but the bank is looking sad and you’re just lazy and don’t want to put in ‘x’ amount of time and effort to get ready, I get it, I get it. Here are a few tips I recommend to check those boxes of not looking like your bank account and not looking like you’re tired and lazy.

Accessories are going to anchor your look, so splurge on them! Look for hardware and detailing that looks high quality. I love accessories because I know I am going to have them in my wardrobe a very long time! Dainty jewelry is also a great way to add to your look; my favorite is a simple gold ring on the pointer finger and a delicate gold neck chain. If you’re looking for a cheap handbag, look for structure and defined edges, no slouchiness.

Neutrals – black, nude, blush, gray, cream, camel. These colors are going to make you look luxe without even having to try! MY go to is black on black with a simple clean line boot, and a camel trench coat. (speaking of coats, I always find the best ones at thrift shops!) Whatever piece it is, stay away from patterns. Plain pieces is the way to go!

SOLID TOP from H&M- $5-$10 VS. SOLID TOP from Nordstrom $40-$60 and they both look the same… (no brainer)

Pointed toe shoes or loafers – There is something so chic and Parisian about a pointed toe, instantly elevating your look! Heels, flats or boots. Classic and super versatile!

Basics. I have said this once and I’ll say it again until I’m blue in the face: INVEST IN BASICS (they never go out of style!) Having a bunch of neutral basics to choose from makes it easier for you to mix and match outfits, so that all you have to do is add a simple belt and some earrings and you’re done! You look so chic, effortless and high end at the same time. Know the difference between fast fashion and classic staples. Purge the trendy pieces that aren’t in style anymore and stop hoping they are going to come back.

Denim – never buy cheap denim. I use to all the time and then I had to replace it almost every 4-6 months and that’s just asinine. I suggest buying heavy weighted denim that you know is going to hold up well and not rip at the seams when you sit down. Dark denim is essential in your wardrobe and the best to pair with basic, solid tops. I live for basic tops, black belt and jeans with a front tuck.

I hope this inspires you to be more creative when coming up with outfits, you should also check out my related post on how to overcome closet blindness 🙂

Xx, Lex


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