How To Make Your Everyday Wardrobe Career Appropriate

This is for the young women who don’t want to spend a fortune on a whole new ‘work’ wardrobe, so here are just some of many easy outfit hacks that are job appropriate and look professional, yet stylish. Now a days, it’s not always about slacks and suits. We are in 2017, and some of the most successful working professionals are in jeans and t-shirts (not just CEO’s). Whether you are interning or have a prestigious career title, it is important to be able to differentiate a Saturday at the mall and a day in the office.

Things to look for:

-Land the perfect button-ups

-Get shoe comfy (pumps, mules, flats)

-Show some blazer love

-Find the pencil skirt that flatters you

-Invest in a 2 piece suit set (neutral


-Minimal accessories

-Blouses, blouses, blouses

I try and always go for comfort, so I instantly throw on a pair of culottes. They’re super chic, versatile and the waistline is sketchy which makes for a pleasant work day. You can pair them with almost anything tucked in, fitted or a little loose! I love the classic staples, so I’m always down to grab a blazer, duster or vest and rock it! Any type of jacket or blazer makes a worlds difference allowing you to look crisp and put together. My advice to you is to work with what you have and make it new. Don’t buy new pieces on impulse, because you’ll probably just end up buying something on the trendy side, not timeless; find what you gravitate towards and stick to it. Try to only wear 3 colors at a time and limit the patterns in your work setting along with makeup and other accessories.

If you’re going for a flat, go for a pointed toe rather than a loafer, it just looks more professional and elegant. Front tucks are my favorite outfit hack. Tuck your top in a little in the front, instead of leaving the whole thing out making you look slightly sloppy. A front tuck adds a little dimension to your outfit. As for a casual heel, mules are my go-to. They come in a variety of styles and colors, but for a work environment, block and black is best.

A black or white cape blazer is also in my closet because they completely turn your look from basic to modern. I love cape blazers for that exact reason and when I have it on, I feel 10x more confident and low-key a superhero.

I’m a sucker for cuffed dark high waist jeans and a statement shoe preferably with a heel. This is the perfect time to get out your basics. A solid neutral camisole and solid white or black blazer go hand in hand with this look you’re trying to achieve. Still looking professional and put together for the work day.

There a days you don’t want to put much effort into your outfit, but still want to look professional and well composed. If your work allows, get one of your favorite graphic t shirts (more so on the subtle side, not so busy) and throw a blazer or duster jacket over it. Of course a front tuck and flat mules or pointed toe flats to finish off this comfortable look.

Black silk tanks are lovely with blazers, dusters and jackets! I took my silk lace tank and made it work appropriate by doing a front tuck, simple belt and finishing off with an emerald green blazer. Always pair the basics with a staple piece. As much as it’s so fun keeping up with the cool trends, it is even better to adhere to the timeless classics and build on that.

When working from home – on the couch or at the table, I always tell people to get up and show up like you’re actually physically going to the work setting. Working in your pjs is fine (for some) but I encourage you to get dressed, get your cup of fuel and be all there. That can consist of jeans, flats, mules, black dress leggings, blouse, etc. When you look the part, you feel the part, and have a higher chance of performing better and being consistent.

Who says you have to go by the book and style your hair down in order to look complete? Honestly, my favorite hair style is UP! I love my hair like shown above; it is easy, sophisticated and looks effortless. I find that when my hair is down, I tend to mess with it a lot causing a distraction. When my hair is up and mostly away from my face, I feel more attentive and on my toes. Less is more in the corporate world. This hairstyle saves time and doesn’t look as if I tried so hard to accomplish it.

Build your capsule wardrobe with me! Make it every day while making it work appropriate. Have fun with it, and always seek inspiration!

-Lex Lately


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