How To Overcome Closet Blindness

So I know oftentimes we open up our closets and we just stand and stare, and then we jump to the conclusion that we have NOTHING to wear when we are looking at a closet full of clothing! WE ALL DO THIS and I simply call it Closet Blindness – it’s a thing. Here are some reasons WHY you are suffering from closet blindness (suffering..LOL)….

1. You look at your closet and you don’t see the person you want to be for the day. I do this a lot and let me explain more. I wake up and I am feeling like I want to be super Boho or sporty, or just really feminine chic, but I’m not seeing anything in my closet that displays the look I want to represent for the day. So this is what I’ll do; I pull out anything I think could work as a bohemian such as my fringe pieces, all my Free People garments, anything western looking or flowy with floral patterns or that remind me of a boho gypsy (just an example) and same with feminine chic and sporty/athletic. I then create outfits with the rule or two or rule of 3 with what I just pulled, meaning interchanging select items and using them to create something new and/or layering.

2. REARRANGE your closet space. If your closet has looked the same for months, years, etc. It is time for some rearranging. Stores re-merchandise their displays, windows, fixtures, etc. and so should you. If you’re looking at the same things every single day, you get bored. Perhaps color coordinate, or if you’re not about grouping colors, mix it all up, or create a story within your closet such as professional attire in the front, casual in the middle, then cocktail, athleisure, formal, etc. However makes sense to you. We all need closet revamping and this is a great way to do that without spending money on new things we don’t need (because most likely you already have it, you just haven’t seen it because of closet blindness).

3. YOU’RE BORED with what you have and you don’t get excited about your wardrobe anymore. Here is a way you can fix that: Take out a few items, and just try and make outfits! Look up your outfit inspiration to get inspired to help you create the looks you desire. The more the merrier, and even kudos to you if you can pull things out you haven’t worn in a LONG time. If you absolutely cannot see outfit potential in anything you took out, JUST GET RID OF IT.

4. NOTHING FITS. It’s okay, just breathe. Do not self hate, just accept where you are right now – it won’t last forever, we’ve all been there. This is a good time to work with basics while you’re trying to make healthier choices and slim down some. Basics are great because you can create so many different looks with just a few basic garments. You can get the cheapest, most plain, basic pieces that DO fit and that you feel comfortable in (fast fashion) to enhance your core wardrobe for that moment that you are tweaking your lifestyle.

5. All you have are trendy pieces (NO LONGEVITY). If you’ve been following my blog, you know I am 100% for what I call the classic staples. The staples are what is going to anchor your wardrobe. Think about all the things you love to wear day to day. Maybe you love jeans and t-shirts, so make sure you invest more in those pieces than the trendier/special pieces you see trending on social media.

I really hope this helps you overcome your closet blindness and adds some life into your wardrobe because you have everything to wear!

Xx, Lex



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