How To Pack & Make The Most Of Your Outfits

I don’t know about you, but I have never been one to get excited about packing. Sure, I’m excited about the thought of going somewhere and traveling, but gosh if we could just omit the packing part wouldn’t that be ideal!? But if that actually happened we’d have nothing to wear. ANYWAY.. I have become the master packer from experience. I know what works and what doesn’t and I am going to share with you how you can pack effectively so you can get the most out of your outfits on your trip.

I am known to overpack. I could go somewhere for a few days and pack a week and a half worth of clothing just so I wasn’t repeating an outfit, but unless you’re the Queen of England, it’s OK to wear something more than once (took me forever to master this concept.) Every time I overpacked – I had no room to bring anything back with me and that’s no bueno!

First things first, figure out the kinds of things and activities you’ll be doing on your trip. Check the weather! You’ll want to make sure you’re dressed accordingly for obvious reasons. From there, you’ll want to choose what kinds of color palettes you want to wear at your destination. Think about the culture, the environment and again the things you are going to be doing.

Make sure to reference your activities list so you have outfits for everything you plan on doing. Start with items that are essential for an activity and then build the outfit from there. For example, if you’re going to be walking around all day, start with your sneakers or comfortable flats and build your outfit around that. If you know you’re going to be in a lot of pictures use your accessories to switch up your looks.

Packing in general is easiest when you have a plan. All of the tops you pack should coordinate with all bottoms you bring. Your outerwear should match all tops; hence, your blazer, cardigan or jacket should match your tops. Belts elevate your look, so bring a couple; they’re easy to roll up and stash away in your luggage.

Use basic styling tricks to change the appearance of your look such as belting, layering, tying tucking, knotting – it makes all the difference! Use this opportunity to mix and match since everything should coordinate together anyway!

Here is a helpful guide to pack smart and make the most out of your outfits for your trip.

Tops – 4

Neutral print blouse (e.g. stripes, small florals, or a neutral color work best) Button down blouse T-shirt Fancy tank (e.g. a silk cami or a tank with light beaded or lace details)

Bottoms – 3

Dark Jeans (black & blue) Skirt Black trousers or track pants

Outerwear – 3

Blazer Cardigan

Jacket ( leather, trench, tweed, teddy, etc. you choose)

Shoes – 3

Flats Comfortable heels or boots/booties Sneakers

Bags – 2

Clutch Large tote, backpack or satchel

Accessories – 5

Oversized scarf (with a hint of color) Jewelry (consider a necklace, watch/bangle, earrings and rings that can be used to dress up your outfits) I love dainty jewelry pieces, so they’re easy to store and occupy little to no space. Belt(s)



This varies depending on how long your holiday is, the above is just a broadly accurate principle based off my experiences.

I hope you are inspired to pack for your next trip. Remember it’s not about the quantity, but the quality of what you create with staples and accessorizing. Less is more these days! Don’t be the over packer anymore. Pack light, pack smart!

Styling tips post coming soon…




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