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The post you’ve all been waiting for. Keep reading if you’d like to learn about how I edit my photos for my Instagram and how I capture my Instagram aesthetic.

First, some of you might not know what I am referring to when I say "the feed," or "my feed." The term ‘feed’ or ‘grid’ just simply means the group of squares that make up your huge photo collage, your Instagram page, as shown below.

Editing is great because you get to turn your boring photo into something fun, charming, moody, eccentric, etc. The best part is that it’s totally up to you; there’s no rule book, and it’s OK to curate your grid to look completely unrealistic – which is the beauty of editing how YOU want! No one likes to talk about editing. It’s like talking about your occupation at a party in the adult world – but in the social media world. Everyone edits their photos these days one way or another, so no need to be ashamed about what you do to your pictures – their YOURS.

For me, my feed has really evolved. (L-R)

When I first started my style page, I had no idea where I was going with it – I just knew I wanted to inspire, and it was kind of just for fun. I didn’t have a cohesive theme, I didn’t strategize, or plan my posts; I was just winging it in hope that I would gain a good, loyal following. In addition, I wouldn’t even use the same filter or same style of editing for every photo which made my feed look messy and very unorganized. I went from moody & cool tones to muted and minimal, to bright & vibrant, pastel, light and airy to now more saturated and less contrasted. My feed has been through a lot. I want to believe I have captured my aesthetic, but knowing me as a person that loves change and gets bored with things visually – it’ll probably change again, but for now I’m pretty happy with how it looks. I have gotten a lot more serious about my feed and it has helped me to really brand myself in the most positive way and inspire others – that is everything to me along with authenticity.

I enjoy using space in my photos, I don’t like cluttered images, less is more – clean and crisp! If I am wearing something a little busy and colorful, I try and find a solid background and the opposite if I am wearing something more minimal (sometimes.)

Before, I would use apps such as snapseed, VSCO and darkroom for editing. I still use those apps occasionally, but now I just use Lightroom from the Adobe Creative Cloud on my desktop (so much better than the app.) I learned how to use the ACC in fashion school, it’s a game changer. I specifically use the Tezza presets to filter my photos and then some additional editing on top of that (I know it’s a lot for a picture) but if you’re passionate about your grid, then it’s so worth it! I purchased the presets around the holidays when Tezza was running her promotion so I got the preset pack of 5.

When I add the preset to my RAW photo (usually Tezza1 or Tezza4) I adjust the lighting settings and definitely play with the hues to make certain colors pop or not pop as much. I turn my contrast down to mostly all of my photos and also the highlights, so you can see every detail. Whites play an important role too, it determines if your photo is going to be light and bright or a little on the darker side along with the temperature. Just play and see what you like! It’s so fun.

Here are some before and afters using the Tezza presets.



Using the same style of editing for every picture is very important for the cohesiveness of your feed. You really want to perfect this because you will attract more visitors and gain more followers if they see your grid and it’s cohesive, it tells a complete story and you’re active!

To add to my aesthetic, I don’t shoot for perfect ever! I love using my creativity to make something imperfect and effortless. You never want to look like you tried too hard with your photos. I find a lot of inspiration through my personal style, art, music and color stories which allows me to execute this style of editing. I always know what I want, so it’s not as difficult for me to execute my feed. If you’re indecisive, this could be a little harder for you.

Your style reflects who you are. Before I knew what I wanted in my editing, It took me a long time to find what I was looking for in my ideal Instagram feed, but once you do stick with it because it works for you! You can admire other feeds, but don’t question your own. I use to look at other Instagram accounts and noticed they’d have a perfectly curated blue grid, traveling grid, black and white grid, white and airy grid and it would make me want to change mine again and again, but stick to what works for you and what inspires you. It’s what makes you unique! You don’t want a feed that looks like everyone else’s, which also brings me to the point to plan your outfits to fit your desired aesthetic. (See how to capture your personal style post.)

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel confident and inspired to grab your phone, or camera and start capturing photos of the things you love and edit them with purpose. Capture your own aesthetic and marry it. You’ll be amazed at what you can make out of those tiles.

If you have any other questions of this matter don’t hesitate to shoot me a personal message (:

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Xx, Lex


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