May 19, 2018

To one of  the most memorable days of my life, I have never felt so many emotions at one time. I am still obsessing and in awe about everything, I don’t know how any woman could officially come down from the high. Every girl dreams of this day and for me, it came true after 8 years with my soulmate at age 24. I married my high school sweetheart on Saturday May 19, 2018 in Ann Arbor, MI.

After getting engaged on July 4, 2017, I was reluctant to rush into wedding planning and setting a date just seemed like too big of a commitment. I was on an engagement high for so long, and then when we returned from Greece I knew it would be time to kickstart the planning. Well at least set a date and choose a venue.

Choosing the date was a little difficult. We had a small window to work with, and I had always wanted a fall wedding- just the color palette, scenery and hues I had in mind were perfect, but being that football season is in the fall, that was something we couldn’t get around. We were left with spring and summer being our options. We didn’t want to have a long engagement and  we were told that planning a wedding in 9 months is totally doable, so we chose the spring time in May – May 19, 2018. After setting the date and starting to speak everything into existence, it was real. That was going to be the day we’d exchange vows and make 8 years of being together official.

IMG_7709-313130286-1531923349594.jpgTHE PLANNING

This was something we were both kind of freaking out about, until I remembered one of my friends I met in Fashion school, Amanda Slater, told me she planned weddings and interned for a wedding planning company based in Colorado. She is full time there now, so I reached out to her expressing my interests and we were literally on a call within a week. Table 6 Productions is the name of the planning company. Heather Allen, the president of the company, and Amanda were phenomenal through the whole process. Location is not a problem for them, they will travel literally anywhere, and the passion they have for what they do displays tremendously. We worked very closely with Amanda and the way her and Heather both executed our vision was nothing short of amazing. If an idea I had was unrealistic, they’d come up with an alternative on the fly and I loved that about them. They really worked with us on creating what I have always had in mind for this big day – it’s beyond impressive. They handled everything from top to bottom and we couldn’t have been more satisfied with their hard work and dedication to making our dream wedding come true. Even the timeline (itinerary) was AMAZING and having that to follow made things so much easier for myself and everyone else. Amanda and Heather are both excellent communicators and not only have given us guidance as wedding planners, but as a friend too. We couldn’t have imagined anyone else taking this on with us. Thank you Amanda & Heather!




My love for neutrals is no secret. I knew This palette would work well with my vision and well…yeah, it sure did.

I am so in love with these colors and how my keen eye for fashion and detail allowed me to pair each of my girls with the color I knew would complement them the best. Same goes for the groomsmen! I even had each of my girls in a different style dress that complemented their body type – that is very important.



In our invitations we included detail cards with all information regarding our wedding from hotel blocks, our wedding website, where we registered, our honeymoon fund link, meal options, day after brunch, and rehearsal dinner, etc. which was super helpful. Our bridal party stayed at The Graduate Ann Arbor – cutest hotel and not to mention they welcomed all of us with open arms and catered to us a little extra. The cozy club feel and traditional library furnishings made our stay there that more memorable.

Other hotels nearby we had blocked were the Sheraton and Kensington. Having hotel accommodations is key because you will get lower rates if you have a large number of guests vs a few guests booking rooms. Also, you will most likely get a room or two for free and perhaps even an upgraded room. You don’t want your guests scattered all over the city! Hotel blocks are usually named “your last name/husbands last name” so it’s easy for the guests to reserve and the front desk will know exactly the group you’re affiliated with when you call to reserve.

The bridesmaids and groomsmen had their own rooms to get ready in at the Graduate and here are some moments captured:


We decided to do a first look because we wanted to get out all of the jitters and nerves before seeing each other for the first time when I’d walk down the isle. We also wanted to get all pictures with family and bridal party over with before the ceremony, so we wouldn’t be taking up unnecessary time after the ceremony, which was so nice! His reaction was priceless. It was honestly the best feeling seeing him. If I could, I’d want to relive this exact moment 100 times more!


woooOur officiant and Toledo native, Lisa Canales – she has known me since I was born and has been a family friend since, I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect person to marry the two of us.

vowsThe ceremony was scheduled for 5pm, but we ended up delaying the ceremony due to the rain. Sure, this wasn’t in the plan whatsoever and I was low key freaking out because what bride wouldn’t, but at that time I needed to let go and let god (and my planner for that matter LOL). My dream was to get married on the field and I kept repeating all week long, “rain or shine, we are getting married on that damn field!” We were determined to make that happen (no pressure though everyone.) The staff at the Big House and Amanda were on the weather radar like white on rice. Luckily the rain stopped and the sun peaked through the clouds, and if you can guess what that resulted in, you’re absolutely right – a rainbow! It was absolutely beautiful!

IMG_0852IMG_0876 (1)

Christopher and I exchanged our own vows, which was amazing and sentimental. We have them saved in a safe place at home, so we can go back and read them again if we wish.

Cocktail hour was scheduled to be after the ceremony, which is traditional, and if this wedding was anything, it was anything but traditional; however, while guests waited for the weather to pass, alcohol is always the way to a happy guest’s heart.

The skies cleared, and my planner and the Big House staff moved so quickly into the ceremony to catch the break in the clouds. All of the guests said the transition into cocktail hour first was so natural that they thought it was supposed to be that way. This is why my planners had “Plan B” and this is why it is so essential to have one. This is also why we had a first look -to get all of our pictures done, so we could delay the ceremony. Had we not done a “first look”, this would NOT have worked.

We went with a white floral ceremony structure, luscious linens, beautiful draped alcoves with crystal chandeliers, and so many other delicate details that made guests think of anything but football.

Having an unplugged ceremony is something we wanted because a lot of times at weddings every guest wants to have their phone out snapping photos and videos of everything and 1. they’re missing out on actually being in the moment with us, 2. when we get our wedding video and photos back, we don’t want to see 50 smartphones in the air. We had professionals there for a reason. 3. We wanted our privacy to be respected; hence, we didn’t want anything from our ceremony being uploaded to social media.


This was easily my favorite part of the evening, and not to toot my own horn, but I’m going to anyway – this was the best reception ever! This was held in the Jack Roth Stadium Club just above the stadium (the suites.) Our DJ/MC was amazing to say the least. The bridal party was introduced to Crazy In Love by Jay-Z and Beyonce and Christopher and I walked out to Trumpets by Jason Derulo. We chose Dj Chokes for a reason and I am so glad we did! Here is the man himself, we couldn’t thank him enough! The way he engaged with our guests and feelings he evoked throughout the entire night will never be forgotten! He made the whole reception one to remember and made us feel so dang special – and that says a lot.


From my dads speech, to the amazing food/catering service, champagne toasts (and clinks – can’t tell you how many times Christopher and I had to kiss because of so many clinks! Lol, can’t complain though,) maid of honor and best man speeches, the first dances, cake cutting, marriage license signing, the bouquet and garter tosses, everything was perfect and the vibe and love spread all throughout the room, you could FEEL it, and that’s all a bride could ever ask for.







I am still in awe with how beautiful everything turned out and how we were able to transform this venue into an elegant and classy setting without feeling like you were in a college football atmosphere.

Here are some of the guests dancing, interacting and just VIBING. I love it! You will never have all of those people there with you together at once like that again, so cherish it when you can!


Weddings are no longer a single event on a Saturday afternoon. These days, they’re a weekend’s worth of celebrations, from a Friday night welcome party to the Sunday morning-after brunch. This was introduced to us during the planning process. I have to admit, this wasn’t necessary to us at all. We have never heard of hosting brunch after your wedding, but like I said we aren’t traditional and after hearing the details and benefits of it, we agreed to have one. Having a day after brunch allowed for us, our bridal party, close family and friends to chat about the evening and laugh about what happened and overall just reminisce on the day along with thanking them for attending, and saying our farewell before heading out of town, and to even ease the hangovers.


This was what we wore to the brunch, we just had to! I ordered these shirts from ETSY specifically to wear for the brunch and they were a hit!



Everyone always asked “so why the Big House?” “why Ann Arbor and not Toledo, where you both are from?” Both are great questions! I grew up in Ann Arbor for 10 years of my life way before I even met Christopher. I grew up with the Ann Arbor and Michigan football atmosphere and I’ve always loved it! When you’re there, everyone is happy. I always advise people to check out Ann Arbor, MI if they haven’t already.  When Chris signed with U of M our senior year in high school to play football, it was like fate. He brought me back to Ann Arbor and so much our relationship and love for each other blossomed there. “The Big House” is a place that is very close to our hearts and will always be. GO BLUE!


Gown: Martina Liana

Veil: Sara Gabriel

Photography: Allie Siarto Photography

Videography: Rob Lorenzo –

Venue: Michigan Stadium “The Big House”

Floral: Bartz Viviano

DJ: DJ Chokes – Todd Everett Experience

Strings: Horizon Strings

Décor: Event Theory

Shuttles: Golden Limo

Invitations: Rock Paper Scissors

Catering: Katherine’s Catering

Hotel: The Graduate Ann Arbor

Hair and Make Up: Detroit Glam

To see more of the day, follow my personal account on Instagram, @lexwormley_ and check out my 5.19 highlights. Honeymoon post to follow!

Xx, Lex



  1. Alexis Voss
    July 18, 2018 / 7:10 pm

    CRYING. so perfect twin.

    • lexformation
      July 18, 2018 / 11:36 pm

      Ahhh! Thank you so much!!!

  2. Sanyae
    July 18, 2018 / 7:41 pm

    You’re such a good writer! Your wedding was beautiful Lexie 😍

    • lexformation
      July 18, 2018 / 11:35 pm

      Aw thank you so much, that means a lot!

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