My Top 5 Highlighters

I love every single one of these highlighters in a different way. I use each one on certain days depending on my beauty routine that day. I always keep 5 highlighters in my rotation just to switch it up now and then. These are not only easy to find, but very affordable and last forever! (not literally, but you get my drift.) I am still waiting to get my hands on Katy and Desi’s highlighter in ‘Fuego’ and Rihanna’s new Fenty highlighters. If any of you have tried them already, feel free to drop line, I would love to hear some reviews!

As Always,

xX, Lex

1. Ulta Contour Kit (2 highlighters) $18.00

2. Sonia Kashuk Highlighter and Blush Duo $9.89

3. Nars Albatross Highlighter $30.00

4. Tarte Glow Kit $45.00

5. Mac Soft and Gentle Highlighter $34.00 (My first love/first highlighter ever)


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