Skin Theory

Skincare is so important and a lot of people are unaware of that and how to properly care for your skin. I am no dermatologist, but here is my theory on skincare.

Everyone’s skin is different, so find a regime that works for YOURS. I can’t tell you which products to use, because I do not know your skin type, I can only happily share what I use that works for me and my skin type. My skin is combination oily meaning I am comfortable in the cheek area, but get super oily in my T-Zone.

I never use to invest in my skin as much as I do now. I didn’t have a good enough grasp on the importance of it and I always took having ‘good skin’ for granted because I never grew up experiencing the troubles of acne.

As I get older, I realize taking care of your skin is vital and essential in our daily routines.

A lot goes into having amazing skin besides just the products we are using such as, the amount of water we drink (stay hydrated), using cool water on the face instead of warm (use cool water when washing face..warm closes pores causing buildup and acne), what we eat, the chemicals that are in certain products and making sure we thoroughly wash our face before bed, getting all dirt and makeup off (SO IMPORTANT.) I know some of us are lazy when it comes to washing our makeup off before bed especially after a night out and you just want to jump in bed, but for the sake of your skin just wash it off and moisturize, so you can go to sleep with a fresh clean face and no worries of your sheets or comforter getting stained.

A routine that works for me and should be apart of everyones routine are these easy steps regardless of your skin type.

cleanse – exfoliate – moisturize.

That’s it. I do this daily either in the shower or at my sink! You don’t necessarily have to exfoliate every day, but I suggest every other; However, cleansing and moisturizing morning and night is what works for me. Make it apart of your daily duties to take time on your skin and do your research to find what works best on your skin. If you find that something you are using isn’t working, just get rid of it!

I will not spend a fortune on my skincare, and you don’t have to either (unless you want to) but it starts with you first. No amount of product or specific brand can make you have amazing skin if you’re not making healthy choices in the first place that also affect your skin. Trust me, a highlighter shouldn’t be the only thing that makes your skin glow. You want your skin to glow when you have absolutely nothing on your face. I will continue to share my beauty and skincare products with you, but ultimately it starts with YOU.

Take care of yourself and your skin!

Xx, Lex


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