I thought this post would be very beneficial for someone who wants to elevate their spring wardrobe a bit. I am going to make this my kind of ‘simple’ (I know you’re probably thinking, “Lex? simple? LOL”) You’d be surprised. I have been purging a lot and focusing on a realistic and practical approach to fashion and my personal wardrobe. Some of these trends I just can’t get on board with, so I am simplifying my spring time necessities that are functional and versatile while still achieving a look that’s effortless and chic. Stay with me pls 🙂


Florals for spring? Totally not groundbreaking,  but that’s just what we do come this time of year because half of us are sick of our winter wardrobe, so this is a great way to feel springy and feminine. I tend to go for more neutral/muted color florals instead of vibrant. Here are some of my favorites.

Chic (Off) White Top.

We see these literally everywhere, but they never get old. I can’t tell you how many plain white tops I have in my closet. From t-shirts, to turtlenecks, to blouses, etc. There is no limit when it comes to a white top. Here are some of my personal favorites.

Black Dress/Jumpsuit.

Mini, Midi, Maxi, smocked, fit and flare, skater, shift- it doesn’t matter. Black dresses are a staple and something you can always resort back to if you’re ever stuck trying to coordinate an outfit. It’s a guiltless safe haven for any occasion and a great layering piece.

High Rise Mom Denim.

I kid you not, I wear the same mom jeans at least 3-4 times a week. THE SAME pair from Zara. here ya go I linked them here 😉 (click the photo) Need I say more..


I use to make the same mistake every single season and load up on a bunch of trendy accessories, but gosh that just resulted in clutter and me forgetting to wear half of them. Stick to what you know you like and what you KNOW you’re going to wear almost on a daily basis. Stay true to your personal style! I tend to wear dainty gold necklaces or my initial bamboo necklace I got from Amazon, linked below.  I rotate some of my vintage rings with my more modern rings and call it a day. I am obsessed with tortoise, so I have sunglasses with tortoise frames and a belt with a tortoise buckle. I of course love my Ray Ban hexagonal sunnies, they’re a staple for me. Again, not going crazy on prints is crucial. Just a couple things to make you feel like you’re on trend is totally fine.


Coming from the girl who’s closet won’t shut all the way due to her shoe collection, I’ll try and simplify this as best as possible LOL.

The Zara leather crossover slide is life. I wear this sandal with almost everything.  (click the photo to shop)

Here are some more I love and can keep in the rotation.


Simple, yet updated/on trend. Also, these bags will always be around & worn during the warmer season.

I hope this gave you some inspo to create some spring looks! Again, these are just some of my personal season essentials.


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