Talking Body

You have a perfect one.

Let’s be real; no one likes to discuss their bodies. It’s like the red headed step child that no one likes to talk about. I am going to share with you some ways to embrace your body type by finding what works for your shape and what doesn’t.

DISCLAIMER: I am no body expert, but I know my body well enough, and I am familiar with what works with others.

It’s so easy to compare your body to others and we do it all the time without even noticing, but just stop. OK?

It’s much easier to let go of the ‘if only I looked like that" (because you’re never going to look like her ) than to just own what you have going on while enhancing your wardrobe and basic styling hacks.

First, it’s important to identify your body type and personal style goals. Know what you’re working with and familiarize yourself with every detail. From here, it gets easier.

Let’s start with the pear shape, meaning your hips are larger than your upper body (shoulders.)

The best things to wear for this body shape is fit and flare. Fit and flare dresses or jumpsuits naturally focus attention on your curviest and most beautiful parts. (Fit on top and flare toward the bottom.) Spaghetti straps or decorative straps and necklines work great on you too!

If you’re body is more square/rectangle, meaning your legs, abdomen and shoulders are roughly the same size. What would work best with this shape are skirts with ruffles, bows or embellishment details. Creating extra volume on one half of your body will help create the illusion that you have plentiful curves. You can also do this by adding waist belts over your dresses or wearing high-waisted pants.

For inverted triangle body types; your shoulders and bust are wider than your hips. Fitted jackets, thicker straps/sleeves and voluminous skirts and pants work great because they will attract focus to your legs and slim down your shoulders.

Apple: You have broad shoulders, a full waist and thinner legs.

Full skirts, wide-leg pants and jackets that hit at your widest part. Look for tops without much extra volume so it doesn’t cause any imbalance against your legs. You can focus on playing up and showing off your legs too.

Hourglass: Your shoulders and hips are roughly the same size, and you have a smaller, more defined waist.

Anything that defines your waist is key. Look for belted dresses, wrap dresses and tops, body-con dresses + bodysuits, peplum styles because they keep all the focus on your narrow waist, curvy hips and full chest. Eccentuate your waist!

For me, my body is a blend between pear and hourglass depending on my workout/ eating habits at the moment LOL; however, I tend to not always dress my body according to it’s shape. The style I choose to go with for the day determines the way my clothes fit. For instance, I might want to be a little bohemian and where loose & flowy pieces rather than something hugged against me. Other days when I want to feel ‘sexy’ and show off my curves, I’ll wear something more fitted. Either way, I own it & so should you! This is just a general guide because you know your body better than anyone else does and you know what makes you comfortable & what makes you feel like the best version of yourself.

There are rules or by the book ways that you should dress yourself. Most importantly – you are wearing these pieces, so it really only matters how YOU feel in them.

If you’re interested in seeing some visuals of outfits specifically for your body type – just shoot me a message and I’d be delighted to send you some inspiration.

Own who you are and your body. EveryBODY is beautiful (:

Thank you for following!

Xx, Lex


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