The Waterfall Duster

Almost everyone knows how crazy in love I am with classic staples! You definitely need one of these in your closet if you don’t already. There are countless ways to style a sleeveless duster and this is one of my favorites. The temperature is beginning to break; therefore, I don’t want to be stuck being hot and uncomfortable especially when I am trying to look casual, yet professional. I always pair a fitting garment under my flowing duster coat! It is easy to grab the basic pieces and build from that! My fitted dress underneath is from F21 and and my nude sleeveless duster is from Eden Sky. Neutrals are amazing because they literally go with everything whilst creating a nice and even balance. The flowy, silk-like material adds sexy and chic to your look. As I would say with my friends, "Slay Me’ – this waterfall duster does exactly that when you’re walking and the coat drifts through the wind.

Gold accessories complements the nude. For a black duster jacket, silver or gold accessories work great! Don’t forget about rose gold and two-tone jewelry too. For a minimal look, hold the accessories and large embellished shoes, handbags and sunnies, and try to adhere to something more clean and simplistic.

I love the tie detail in the back because you can choose to leave it there, or bring it to the front – either way is adorable. The great thing about this key item is that it’s versatile. Dress it up or dress it down. Make it ready-to-wear and own it. Layer it in the fall/winter with fitted long sleeve basics or a silk tank for a lounge or sultry feel….or perhaps a more professional work appearance. Start building your capsule wardrobe with this staple piece! Clean and crisp is what we’re striving for.


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