Things To Know When Planning Your Wedding

GOSH, where do I even begin?! There are so many things that go into wedding planning it’s crazy, but it’s fun and I encourage you to embrace the process and not look at some of the tasks as a chore. Remember, this is YOUR day and it happens once. It doesn’t matter if you have 6 weeks to plan, or 2 years – it can be done! 😉

Here are some tips to think about before your big day:

1. When you are dress shopping, only have a couple of people with you. I had a semi large group and my mom and the experience was just very overwhelming and opinions were flying, but it was such a great day and experience – it really is so surreal at that moment you are gown shopping. I really suggest that you have perhaps two of your closest friends and a close family member such as your mom, aunt, grandmother, etc.

Wear light makeup – I always tend to love what I am trying on 20 times better if my makeup is done. Your stylists will help you get in and out of the gown, so don’t worry about possibly having your makeup rub off on a dress.

2. Choose your guest number wisely before your venue. Why? You want to carve out at least 25-30 square ft. per guest. I know that sounds like a lot but only because you have to make room for tables, chairs, dancing and waiters hustling around you. When creating your guest list, view every one as a dollar sign. Literally, you have to think this way. I know you want to invite everyone, but it’s just not possible. Always factor in the people you have a relationship with or have consistently spoken to in the last 6 months. People that have impacted your life and have played a positive role in it.

3. Trust your vendors/your planner(s)/bridal party.

4. It’s okay to not be aware of everything.

5. Patience is key.

6. It takes two to tango and fighting during planning does not mean you’re bound for divorce.

7. Any way you can save money, duh! Do it.

8. Don’t get super caught up in traditions. It’s okay to just skip them and make your own.

9. Choose wisely, and I mean everything from your bridal party, photographer, makeup artist, venue and food options. (Don’t stress, lol it’s ok!)

Some things I am doing with my own wedding:

Gown Designer: Martina Liana

Time: May 2018 (spring)

Design Statement: Elegant, chic. (not into themed weddings)

Color Story: Cool/Neutral tones (quartz, mystic, biscotti, mercury, navy, ivory, gray)

Bridesmaids: 8 Groomsmen: 8

Planner: Table 6 Productions (highly recommend) -Denver based We are using the full service from our planner (beginning to end) It’s such a relief to have two amazing women take care of everything from phone calls, decorating, securing dates and getting amazing deals, etc.

One important rule Chris and I are implementing into our ceremony is no phones/pictures/videos, because we have specifically hired a videographer and photographer to capture all of our moments of the ceremony, so we just ask that our guest abide by that and are respectful. Nothing is worse than getting back images from your special moment and everyone has their phones in the air or posting videos/snap images to social media while you’re getting married.


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