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Do you ever have an event or special occasion to attend, but you have nothing to wear for it and don’t want to hit up the malls and possibly spend more than you’re willing?!

That was me the other day when I was trying to find an outfit for an evening play, and nothing in the mall spoke to me, and besides I didn’t want to go out and spend a fortune on an outfit for one night. I knew this was the perfect time to be resourceful, blaire some Macklemore and go thrift shopping! Here is what I found spending a grand total of…… (drum roll… drum roll..) $15.78! Yup, you read correctly. I visited a local thrift shop, dug through their wide selection and made something work!

This is what I wore to the play. This red blazer was $3 and the black jumpsuit I am wearing was $5! Spending a total of $8 on just one outfit! I don’t normally thrift on a regular basis; however, desperate times call for desperate measures, which means I go thrifting! (LOL). I love turning on my thrifting senses. It’s a craft, you have to have an eye for things and see the beauty in them. I got a lot of compliments on my red blazer – it looks luxe, chic and festive! (Ha, if only people knew I spent a whole $3 on it which isn’t even equivalent to my regular order at starbs!) I can wear this red blazer again with a white t-shirt and denim. Same thing with the jumpsuit! I can layer things under or over it following my layering rule of two or three, and I can also rock it in the summer. Win-win!

Above is my favorite section in a thrift shop! The blazers… I always find quality, crisp blazers that I can wear as outerwear or just casual with a tee. Sometimes the racks will be a mess, but just have patience and sort it out- I promise you’ll find something neat.

This next item I found spoke to me a little bit. I wasn’t looking for it at all, and wasn’t intending to wear it to the play- it was more of a “gotta have it” piece that I saw beauty in.

This sweater dress was $5 and the belt was $2 spending a total of $7 on this outfit ($15 total with both outfits.) You really cannot beat thrifting sometimes. I am known for affordable fashion and strive to keep it that way. I enjoy sharing with you all that thrifting doesn’t make you any less of a person or a fashionista! You’d actually be surprised at how much you can find by thrifting. Unique, quality pieces that no one else has for super-super discounted! Win-win

Thank you for allowing me to share my excitement with you on my new thrift threads.

Xx, Lex


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