Top 5 Jackets

Besides my essential staple coat/jackets, these are my top 5 that I am loving right now and I’m constantly wearing! The top 2 photos are more of a track jacket/bomber style which I love for casual looks (PPLA Clothing.) The leopard jacket is so fun, wild and makes me feel “cool” in a way lol (we all have something that makes us feel like a cool girl!) I love the faux fur texture on it too along with it’s medium length. The tan shearling lined jacket I call my ‘stranger things’ jacket; It is heavy enough to keep warm and something I like to throw on over a solid white, gray or black top. It adds personality and dimension to my outfit and super comfy! The white fuzzy jacket I have had for quite some time now; it’s very versatile and lightweight to throw over almost anything. The texture is soft and fluffy, white making for a luxe look. The last one (bottom two) is probably my favorite. I call it my ‘teddy coat’ because it reminds me of a teddy bear. I love this warm neutral shade along with the folding detailing in the front. The length is perfect and the texture is so soft and cozy – making it a perfect piece for the cold air. Again, these jackets are more on the trendier side, not the essential staples.

Here are some links to shop these jackets:

Teddy Coat:

Stranger Things Coat:

White Fluffy Coat:

Leopard Print:

Exact: SOLD OUT-


Fuzzy Track Jacket/Bomber:

If something is sold out, message me! I’ll send you other links <3

Xx, Lex


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