Top Places to Shop for Vacay

Alright y’all, this post has been requested a lot, and since I can say I’m a seasoned traveler, I am going to share my personal favorite affordable places to shop for outfits when going on vacation, or just to spice up your spring and summer wardrobe. I have linked every website, so you can click and shop.

  1.  ASOS – I freaking love this online destination for affordable pieces. Top things I get here are dresses, two piece sets ( I am such a sucker for a two piece/ matching set),  swimwear and cover-ups. ASOS carries a wide range of brands which is amazing and I always peak at their outlet  tab for sale items. They have the best return process as well, made so easy if you ever needed to return something. They have EVERYTHING!
  2. Amazon – This is another great site where over the years I have found to be so convenient, especially if you have prime. Amazon has some of the best swimwear pieces I’ve ever owned for so cheap, yet still amazing quality. I always read reviews and I’m even more sold if there are customer images of the items. I also purchase accessories here such as earrings, necklaces, sunglasses, bags and more. I am working on sharing all my amazon purchases and making my own page on amazon so you guys can shop directly through my page.
  3. Verge Girl – VG is my go to for super feminine pieces, such as skirts, dresses, tops and accessories. My style is a mix of fem and masculine, so this is where I come for more of my feminine side. They always have the chicest, most effortless pieces that are versatile.
  4. VICI – I literally feel like I tag them 24/7 because a lot of my every day wardrobe comes from Vici. They have new arrivals daily and some of the best selections for   resort wear and just life in general. They run flash sales on specific items every so often, so that’s always a plus.
  5. Starlow – I am obsessed with this store for vacay essentials. Starlow has an incredible selection of all your vacation staples. Totes, tops, dresses, bodysuits – very straight to the point and simplistic.
  6. LULUS – This is my go to for sophisticated chic style. I love purchasing flowy maxi dresses from Lulus where I just feel like an absolute island goddess in and their jumpsuits are also the cutest!
  7. ZARA – I love Zara’s resort selection especially if I want to splurge a little because we all know Zara is a little on the pricey side if you’re not shopping sale pieces. I always go for Zara’s sandals, kimonos and linen dresses/tops.
  8. Lack Of Color  – Here is where I find my perfect hats. I am a sucker for a wide brim and structured hat and this is where I get them! I wear my teak and ivory rancher almost with every outfit. They last forever because they do not flop, which is what I love about them, and what they’re known for. Next one on my list is the Palma boater 🙂 You definitely get what you pay for, it’s an investment that’s for sure.
  9. Sabo Skirt – BEACH/SUMMER VIBES GALORE. I love Sabo Skirt specifically for vacation wear and they have the best sets and tops 🙂  my favorites are the knit top & short sets, they’re perfect for evening strolls on the beach, or if you’re just lounging in the morning before you start your day. Like Verge Girl, they have the perfect white blouses and dresses.
  10. Red Dress Boutique – This place I love because I watched the owner of Red Dress Boutique and her husband on Shark Tank and they were seeking a big investment for overall growth of the company. She got the investment and years of hard work put in, she owns 100% of it again now and is such a huge success. I love purchasing from her because of the story behind it! This is another great online destination for feminine, frilly dresses and tops that I just love. Her items do sell quickly, so be prepared to be on a waitlist.

Others I love:


Princess Polly

Forever 21

Top Shop



Hello Molly

Love Street


J Lux Label

Free People

My typical go-to color palette on vacay:

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 9.11.17 AM

It may seem super boring, but I usually try to adhere to this color story with my wardrobe and then add a pop of color in my accessories, typically my earrings, necklace or a clutch. Sometimes I’ll even do a pop of color with my lip shade. You can’t go wrong with this and it is very versatile, which is what you want especially when you’re on a trip. Keep the packing light with a simple, yet flexible color palette. If I choose to add color in my wardrobe it is usually red, a mango color, blue and/or a hue of pink. So basically primary colors if I want that statement.


I hope this post helps you find the perfect pieces for your upcoming trip and warmer seasons.


Happy shopping & safe travels 🙂

Xx, Lex




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