Washington D.C.

Here is a recap of my trip in DC with my fíance! We had the time of our lives and I highly recommend this hotel.

Hotel – The Jefferson: One of the best hotels I have ever stayed in. The architecture, design elements and decor were beautiful and so memorable along with the remarkable service. You will stay there and feel like royalty believe that!

Featured on Forbes for one of the finest five star properties in the world 2017.

Here’s a photo of me eating one of my favorite desserts, chocolate covered strawberries as I write this post. The staff were so sweet for displaying them in our room. They were gone in seconds LOL!

The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History – Understanding the natural world and our place in it through billions of years of transformations. This museum is larger than 18 football fields. One of the most interesting/mind boggling museums we visited on our trip. What are your thoughts on Evolution?

The Holocaust Museum was the hardest and so surreal. To see the materials, tools, articles of clothing displayed that some of the Jews and other civilians spent their last seconds on Earth in was heart wrenching. Learning about everything under Hitler’s rule made me sick to my stomach. Here are only some of many shoes that were worn by the people in the concentration camps, after they were gassed or burned.

On a happier note, the food and architecture was amazing! I tried Pho for the first time and loved it. If you go to DC you have to walk Adams Morgan Blvd and Rhode Island Ave. (best photo ops and coolest/prettiest neighborhoods.)

I love love love cute coffee shops and there were a lot in the area we stayed; Lil B’s coffee & eatery happened to be my fav (walking distance from our hotel.) I ordered an iced almond milk latte (bc they didn’t have oat milk) and it was to die for! The donuts there are amazing too and such a cute atmosphere to hang out and detox for a bit.

The Smithsonian Museum or Air & Space was a hit too! By the end my brain was completely fried learning everything from aviation, the universe, telescopes, light, theories of the world, etc.

We obviously had to visit the Lincoln Memorial again (we did at night before with a group- I highly recommend it, no one was there and it was so fun!)

I didn’t take photos of this place, but you have to eat at Le Diplomate! It’s classic French cuisine, but I am telling you it’s the shit that killed Elvis… so bomb!

There is literally so much to do in DC. I don’t know why I don’t go more often. I am only an hour away from the city and without traffic I’m 45 min. Crazy huh? I absolutely loved it. I definitely hope you get a chance to go, not just your 8th grade trip but in your adult years because I believe you’ll appreciate it more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little recap of our trip. We will definitely be back!




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